Many of our customers use PlanTool to manage a department tool shop. Typically the tool shop is a small portion of the company and to control sales, finances and production of articles there is a ERP system. As this prepares the official accounting, data from tool shop have to be transferred into this system.

There is a great varsity of possible interfaces. One direction, both directions, detailed data, summarized data. And a lot of different technical ways to set it up.
In PlanTool we have standard import / export functions for these data. Customer specific is the arrangement of the data and the techik which is used. Some times batch jobs done periodically, sometimes online.

Some samples:

  • SAP by Web-Services

    “Web-Services” are the SAP recommended solution for third party products integration In this company setup is so:
    By relaesing a manufacturing order in SAP a web service publishes the data for PlanTool. If user opens the order forrm in PlanTool this new order is available without any further action.
    From PlanTool to SAP it is the same technik. If an employee stores a time booking in PlanZeit a web service transfers the data to SAP and controls the resulting message. When the booking was accepted by SAP it is confirmed in PlanTool database. IF SAP does not accept the booking, the user gets the original SAP message.

    If a web service already is available, it is possible to use it. If not, it will be created via pro-PlanTool. Customer IT brings it into the SAP system by transport request and is involved into testing.

    In production use at worldwide active company in automotive sector.

  • SAP by RFC call
  • Navision
  • Radix
  • AS-400 (I-Series)
  • others