Time recording

If I do not collect data - I will not be able to control my success!

Collecting the real time is the second component of the closed loop of planning in PlanTool. Deviations are detected in two ways: comparing the booked hours to the planned hours; off course and clear. The second component is the view and experience of your shopfloor manager. By each walk around in the manufacturing area, he gets an impression of the amount of remaining workload. This goes directly into overall planning. Immediately it becomes visible, where this new expectations effect dates over all orders.

If no plan was created?

No matter! In PlanZeit it is always possible to collect data in detail level. There is absolutely no need to do anything more than having an order. To see what happened on BOM item level no planning action is necessary; it is possible to assign a BOM position number to the hour booking, even if no BOM has been imported. however you do not see where the item has to be moved as next step. But on small fast orders like repair or small modifications this might fulfill your needs.

Keep in mind, PlanZeit is more than booking. on every booking station you have the inspection options of the parts overview. Everyone is able to inspect the workload and fulfillment of work in real time.

Of course you can assign the proper booking methode per employee. Depending on his typical working tasks you can decide to let him work with automatic data from machine control system, let him do start/stopp or just set him up for hourly booking. Regardles what you decide, always the person and the machine time is collected.