PlanTool originated on the experience in real tool making. The objective was and is to visualize at minimal cost  what will happen "tomorrow"  when running as intended at the time. Often is seems not possible, to realize all dares by internal resources abut what is the best solution considering all orders?
PlanTool helps precisely this decision to make well-founded. You can easily simulate your ideas - and thus detect on which still adjustments are needed. The examination begins as early as possible, before the design and BOM are done. And the scheduling includes all orders - with the latest knowledge.
Nevertheless, in PlanTool planning is a process that keeps the expenditure so low that you persevere it to maintain the planning.

  • Can I really plan with PlanTool without BOM?

    Yes !

    In our experience, you must do planning without BOM! Namely at the beginning, when the order has been confirmed.
    Weeks earlier within the proposal you have announced what you will be able to do. Both Both in terms of your assessment (calculation) of the expense, as well what the processing time will be. Now immediately must be checked, how this additional contract fits together with the other current orders. Now you need a first estimate where your previous plan needs to be adjusted.

    Since the construction is not yet available, you have to start without BOM, without item based planning. Whether you later add planning on BOM item level in PlanTool  is your decision. The detail level of planning can be different from order to order. Even only partially detail planning is possible.
    Keep in mind, you always collect actual data on BOM level!

  • The devil is in the details! Can I plan on BOM level?
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  • overall planning

    In PlanTool overall planning is the most important function to control and organize all in tasks the company. Orders are monitored in a compressed way. So maintenance of the figures is on a low level of workload.
    To manage parallelism of running orders is one of the tasks. Imagine the capacity as a cake. The pieces represent the capacity assigned to the different orders. But the pieces are just marked, not all are cut of at once..
    The situation in tool shop orders is always changing. New orders, stop of orders, modifications, design change are frequently done. You stay able to manage the changes, because of compressed working with the orders instead of working with many details.
    Based on your settings on each activation the next portion of pieces is cut. But the future is just a plan, waiting for new changes.

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